Manufacturing Practices

Quality and food safety are high priorities at C.F. Sauer Foods. All of our extensive line of products are manufactured to the highest standards where strict practices are followed to insure great tasting, consistent, high quality products for our customers. We employ:

- SQF approved
- HACCP program - Manufacturing Standard Operating Procedures
- Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures
- Tight product specifications
- Routine flavor evaluation
- Intensive Microbiological testing
- Intensive Quality Assurance testing
- Annual independent inspections by nationally recognized firms
- Food safety and freshness seals

Batch-to-batch we offer consistency in flavor, texture and color. Our products meet or exceed our customer's expectations all day, every day. High annual ratings for inspections by independent inspection services reflect our commitment to quality in all that we do. We are continually improving our quality commitment to our customers.

We are certified by the Orthodox Union as an approved manufacturer of Kosher products.

In short, we purchase only high quality raw materials from pre-approved suppliers who adhere to strict specification guidelines. Upon arrival these products are carefully inspected before released for use. Frequent line inspections and evaluations are conducted during every run of every product. At the conclusion of every run, we print complete manufacturing information on our cartons. All of our shipping orders contain lot ID information as well. So, in the unlikely event of a product recall, we can communicate specific identifying information. By following top industrial and government regulations, C.F. Sauer Foods' products bring peace-of-mind to our customers.